Secret Santa in your company – How to find original gift ideas?

In recent years, the trend towards “secret santa” has been coming to French companies. Very developed in the United States and England, this is a tradition where all colleagues in a company or organization give each other gifts, drawing lots for the name of the recipient. We explain everything about how to organize a Santa secret with!

During the Christmas season, we must already find unusual and adapted gifts for each member of our family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, so if we have to offer something to a colleague…

Let’s face it, the Secret Santa (or the Santa Scred’ in Quebec) is often messy. Usually organized in a hurry 1 week before Christmas, when all the colleagues are in ar ush to hurry up and finish their projects before leaving to ski in Aspen, the Secret Santa is often put off until the end of the year.

But your company, you, it’s cool. It is 3.0, millenials-friendly, and she even has a corporate snapchat account. So here are some rules that she will surely have followed (and not discovered at all in this article) to organize a successful Secret Santa.

The Gift

Of course, the choice of the ultimate gift is at the heart of the tradition. So yes, if we do it at the last minute, we might have to offer something very fun like a 20$ gift certificate for the France Culture online store. So it is better to anticipate, take the time to analyze its recipient to find an original object that will necessarily please him (or put him in an absolute discomfort if it is someone you do not like).
We’re not here to advertise, but on there are still some pretty cool ideas. Without bragging, we’re really not bad at finding the most inconvenient gifts on the web, like the Anti-Stress Spray for your neighbor or the testicle-shaped tea diffuser (perfect for meetings with investors)

The Secret Gift Price

In general, the prices of gifts to be offered during a Secret Santa are defined in advance. Traditionally, we do not make less than $10, but we do not exceed $20 – which still leaves a very wide choice of potential gifts. Some may also decide to offer several gifts (but a keen eye will quickly spot the cheapskate technique of offering 4 “gifts” at $2 to give an illusion of generosity: it is often accompanied by a statement such as “you are lucky, this year I spoiled you!”)

comment reussir un secret santa

Pictured : a successful secret santa white elephant gift exchange

The recipient

You don’t know the person fate has assigned you? No problem, there are several options available to you.
You can then go and meet the person in the company internal (or stalk him on Facebook) and try to find his interests: pictures with horses? Offer him the latest biography of Rocco Siffredi. More like beach and nature? The Borat swimsuit will look great on her.
And if you really don’t find it, as a last resort, you may have to go talk to the person face-to-face. But we can’t guarantee you anything.


In some cases, the person giving the gift does not make his or her name known, so it is offered anonymously. This makes it possible, in some cases, to offer totally offbeat and horrible objects. Want to take revenge for a comment you didn’t make during the annual seminar? Or that Roger’s head in accounting that you just hate? This is the perfect opportunity to give her a very, very rotten gift, which you wouldn’t even dare give your mother-in-law.


idees cadeaux entreprise

A guy with no inspiration

Some secret santa gift ideas for your company:

  • Mugs with your boss’ head, offered to one of your colleagues (100% embarrassing)
  • A pair of socks with your company logo
  • Effective: deodorant or a pack of chewing gum


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