Spy Bluetooth Gloves with mic


Have you always dreamed of being a spy, like in these old James Bond movies?

Thanks to this very discreet bluetooth glove, you can make calls and listen to songs in the office in complete discretion. A great item for people who love their privacy. The gov’ment wont listen to you if you speak in you hands (although you might get send to a mental ward)

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1. Bluetooth gloves are a fun and cool way to make or answer a call when you walk.

2. They have a microphone and speaker sewn into the thumb of the glove and the wrist to allow you to talk about your hand as if it were your phone.

3. The special fabric on the tip of the thumb, index and middle finger also allows you to use your touchscreen phone with the gloves still in place.

4. let you speak through your hand. You can answer calls and discuss the cold at length while keeping these warm gloves that keep you warm outside.

5. perfect for all sports, from skiing to running. These smart gloves bring you more fashion, convenience, warmth and fun to use anytime, anywhere.

Specifications :

Bluetooth connection name: BT-01

Function: Bluetooth connection, wireless calls, songs

Bluetooth range: 10 meters

Music listening: 6-8 hours (70% power)

Call: 6-8 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Color: Grey, Pink, Black, Yellow, Black


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