2019: launching the new website

Worst Gifts was launched in early 2017, and some gifts were no longer relevant. Others, such as Trump memorabilia, have now been added. So after more than two years of existence, it was time to review & revamp the site from top to bottom!

The Concept

While the basic principle of the site remains the same (offering unusual and horribly lame gifts to your loved ones), we have declined the concept to try to make your experience even more unique than a Sunday afternoon flea market stroll.

The (Worst) Gifts Ever

  • An exclusive selection
  • New items cheaper than ever
  • New categories like the Vengeance Category

Anonymat & Livraison

The anonymity of the shipment is 100% guaranteed! The person who will receive the gift will never know who sent it to him, even under torture we will never give this information. The price of the items also remains secret.

But of course you can leave a personalized message to your victim on the order finalisation page. 99% of our gifts have so far been managed and shipped by Amazon, which could sometimes leave something to be desired in terms of delivery time.

Today,  half of the gifts are sent directly by one of our many partners for even crazier gifts! for partner shipments, you have to be patient: some products come from far away and can take up to 25 days to arrive at their recipient – that’s why we don’t charge you for delivery on these products.


  • Full range of products are now on promotion, with no-frills gifts at less than 2$.
  • Because we love to introduce our gifts to new customers, we now offer -10% on all first orders placed on the site. It’s very simple, just subscribe to our newsletter and enter the coupon code
  • We will send you exclusive promotional codes and our gift selections for major events (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day).

Art & Design:

  • The design of the site has been completely redesigned, to make it easier and faster for you to find the gifts you love.
  • The visual identity has been revised, while preserving the pastel shades and the user-friendliness of the site.

For tech geeks 🤓 :

    • You can now create an account on the site to access your latest orders, see your promo codes, manage order tracking and delivery addresses: try it here
    • An instant search even more efficient to find the worst unusual gift ideas right away (try, it’s on the top right of your screen!).
    • New brand new servers for an improved user experience, as well as a completely revised mobile experience.
    • We have a new security certificate for payments, and we now also accept crypto payments (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)


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