Guide: Giving a Gift to someone you don’t like: Boss, Father-in-law, Neighbour…

Have you ever had to offer an item to someone you don’t necessarily like, or even not at all? It is a delicate situation, because you must succeed in making it clear through your gift that you do not appreciate the person, without this being obvious, so WorstGifts offers you the guide to navigate in these troubled waters of the gift offered reluctantly.

Giving an original gift usually comes from a good intention. We know the person well, and we know what object they should like – even for a small budget, you will be able to find the gadget that will make them laugh, but there are situations in life where you find yourself having to give a gift to someone you don’t like at all, or even that you simply hate.

So we decided to give you some advice, in case you had to offer something to your boss, your ex or your stepfather for example.

  1. The exaggerated packaging technique

Since the beginning of times and gift giving, it has always been very funny to make people believe that we’re gifting a sumptuous present by using an oversized and exaggerated packaging. How many children have not been fooled on their birthdays by starting by opening the biggest boxes with the most beautiful gift wrap…

The most sneaky of you will provide a pretty Apple bag to wrap their pair of Crocs shoes in a huge cardboard box, to offer to your boss during the Secret Santa of your box.

2. A perfect match – choosing the right white elephant gift for the right situation

It is obvious that the same gift is not given to a Bridesmaid party or to your father-in-law. To find a truly original and unusual gift, choose niche websites that sell items that no one wants, or look for extremely kitsch decorations on Craiglist.

If this is the kind of party where the recipient will open the gifts in front of everyone, try sneaking in to place your gift in the middle of the pile – neither seen nor known. Slip a card with a false sender’s first name – if you are caught in the act, all you have to do is say it’s not yours! and when the packaging is opened, often late at night, film everything with your smartphone!

3. The recipients reactions : everything is in his look

Enjoy those moments when, once your victim has opened his gift, he gradually understands that he has been trapped.

In this Apple-packaged cardboard box lies not the latest iPad, but a common photo frame “I LOVE BARCELONA” with a “made in China” inscription on the back, at which point the victim must, as social conventions require, thank his benefactor.

“Oh thank you, a photo frame! it will be fine in the cellar toilet”.

if you offer gifts at a bachelor party or bridesmaid, your friend will know what to expect! But it is still worthwhile to find unusual and original gifts for this occasion

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