Prank Gift Ideas for April’s fools

As the fateful date of April 1st approaches, some are wondering what they will be able to buy or offer to their office colleagues or friends this year… We offer you here some well crafted answers, with ideas for cheap jokes & catches.

It’s a classic, we wake up one fine morning where everyone tries to make more or less believable jokes. A new Google homepage Some people get tired of this Gorafi-like content quite quickly. In recent years, websites have become accustomed to changing their pages on April 1st, offering offbeat content or false information. Youtube, Google & others are the first to be interested: on this day, we can’t believe anything.

Tradition: Tricks & Catches of April 1st

The classic tradition is to stick a fish (usually fake) on the back of one of your friends or comrades. It’s not very original, but it still works. You can even download it here if you want to print it (not very eco-friendly, for a fish!).

In 2019, we advise you to innovate, and offer tricks and catches and other unusual gadgets to make your friends laugh. Pretend like nothing happened, and arrive in a meeting with a Donald Trump hat or shirt.

The classic pranks for April’s fools

In the playgrounds, there are jokes and catches that have existed since time immemorial. We even wonder if their invention does not go hand in hand with the invention of the school and the playground.

For example, the famous Stink Bombs, which can be used on April 1rst to make it look like a chemical attack; the whoopee cushion that has knocked down so many teachers and colleagues in the meeting rooms… You want to make a joke about your friend who drinks a little too much alcohol? Take advantage of his leave to install a beer-shaped shower curtain in his bathroom. Of course, jokes and catches can also be bought for corporate parties and secret santa, where it is often necessary to find ideas for gifts at a low price. That’s good, in general you won’t spend more than 5 or 10$ : don’t forget that any laugh is priceless!


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