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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser


  • This will be the first time that nasal secretions will allow you to wash.
  • Shower with snot when using the nose shower gel dispenser. Fill it with green shower gel, shampoo, facial scrub or soap and you will have trouble feeling like you are cleaning yourself while expelling the liquid from a large, dripping nose.
  • A repulsive gift, perfect to make a joke to your friends or roommates!
  • The nasal douche gel dispenser measures about 17 x 10 x 8 cm and can be recharged with your favorite shower gel. Easily attach the nasal douche gel dispenser to the wall with the suction cups.
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Material: Silicone

Size: 21.2 cm x 22.9 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm/8.35in x 9.0in x 4.33in

Colour: As shown in the pictures

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