Vagina-Shaped Ice Tray


  • Because we love gift ideas in very bad taste, we have found these very original ice cube moulds for you. While some will see the shape of a mouth on these ice cubes, the smartest will recognize very intimate parts of the female body.
  • To liven up an evening, why not plan some ice cubes of this shape to offer your guests? This sexy ice tray can also be used as a gift, to offer during a bachelor party or a wedding for example.
  • Not Politically Correct at all!
  • PS: we will never reveal on whom these ice cubes were molded!
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Out of stock



An ice cube mold in the shape of female genitalia . 9 holes to fill.
material: Food grade silicone ice tray

size: Approximately 14.5*14.5*1.9 cm

weight: 58 g

Inside dimensions: – Approx. 3.3*1.6 cm

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