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I know that it is possible because I have received anonymous gifts months after a Reddit Secret Santa (I assume someone had just forgotten to change the shipping address). I don't know how though.

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Ok. Thanks. :)

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    They are both in their 60s and live in an extremely rural area, so I don't think that will be an issue. I want to send him a nice paint by number kit because he used to like doing them when I was younger. He'll probably guess it's from one of us kids, but he'll just think GC (Nstepmom's son) doesn't want to admit sending it (or GC will take credit for it, entirely possible).

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    Is this anonymous to him? If not, he can make an amazon wish list of the stuff he likes, and you can send it anonymously as a gift :-)

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    Anonymous to him as well. I don't want to put him in the position of having to lie about who sent anything. If I choose the send as gift option, does it only remove the prices or does it remove all of my information?

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    I cant be sure. Maybe you could buy it and have it shipped to you, then see if UPS or the USPS (if youre an american) will send it anonymously. I'm sure they wouldn't mind doing that!

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    I am American, but I'm living in Senegal. I could have my friend in Texas do it, but he would know it was from me with a Texas post mark. I guess I'll try sending something to her with the gift option and she can tell me if the shipping info shows up.

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    As far as I know, if it's shipped as a gift from Amazon, it shouldn't show the address of those person who is shipping it to the giftee.

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    Here's how i do amazon purchases anonymously for secret santa; I buy a gift card with the amount i need for the item and gift it to myself. I buy the item as a gift but use the gift card as your payment method. I make sure the person's name and address is what is in both the billing and sending address.

    Since it's a gift card it doesn't matter whose address is in the billing section. After placing the order I double check the receipt to make sure the billing/shipping address info is correct. Sometimes amazon can screw up and it defaults to your default/normal billing address regardless of what you chose. That's why i check and fix it as soon as the the order is made.

    I guess you could even use another account that doesn't have any of your info on it. You would just use the account for gift card purchases/ anonymous gifts. That way there really is no risk whatsoever. :)

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    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I'll do this. :)

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    I think you can, not sure how though. Would sending it to his work be an option? Or another relative to give straight to him. Or would she go as far as take it from him?

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    He's a carpenter and his workshop is next to the house, so same address. She's pretty much driven away all the relatives.

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    Set up a new shipping address.

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    Ok. Thanks.

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    I would have some reservations about this. Your intentions are good but it good backfire in ways you cannot anticipate.

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    Send it to his place of employment. Does he work?

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    What's a Nstepmum?

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    I have written about sending gifts anonymously from Amazon on here: