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Salvador Dali Melting Clock

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A quirky gift for your artist friends : Salvador Dali’s famous melting time clock. Try to think about your hipster friends for their birthday.


TheMelting Clock is inspired by the famous Dali painting “The Persistence of Memory”, the well-known surrealist painting introduced the image of the soft melting pocket watch. The clock was designed to be used on a shelf or hanging on your office desk. Although awkward, it is balanced as a common clock and its mechanisms work perfectly. A cool gift idea!
TRENDY YET PRACTICAL: This funky design is “cool” enough for all ages yet practical enough for daily use. The top hangs securely from any flat surface. Strong enough to be used as a book-stop.
A DAHLI ENTHUSIAST’S DELIGHT: Any fan will appreciate this “melting clock” reminiscent of Dahli’s famous painting. What better way to celebrate his surrealism than with a clock inspired by his work?
A PERFECT GIFT: A great conversation starter, this novelty gift is great for art enthusiasts and laymen alike, and those who enjoy a good laugh. This classic shelf clock adds personality to any room.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED: The curved surface area creates an illusion of melting time. For some it will it will inspire deep thought, for others it will be source of good humor. The clock design is modern and classy.
TECH SPECS: The hanging clock has Roman numerals, two manually adjustable hands, and requires 1 AA battery (not included).


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