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A Real Taxidermized Bat

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A real very frightening taxidermized bat. #2Spooky4u?


This species is found in prime tropical deciduous forests with extensive bamboo growth, and has been recorded from lowland agricultural areas and disturbed habitats. It prefers to roost in internodal spaces of hollow bamboo and narrow crevices in other trees. It has a markedly flattened skull to allow them access to their roost and the thumbs and soles of the feet have fleshy pads which give a firm foothold inside the bamboo. Remarkably these bats are able to squeeze through slits as narrow as 4-8 mm. Roosting sites are thus largely inaccessible to predators. The Lesser Bamboo Bat tends to be pale brown on top, and orange underneath. They inhabit forested areas, and forage at night for flying insects, particularly termite swarms.


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