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A Real Ant Farm

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A real Ant’s nest for the art of ants-breeding. Who wouldn’t love this white elephant gift?


The Anthouse Acrylic Start kit is an Acrylic fishbowl, which has a plate of Acrylic on a side (sandwich), leaving a separation of 1.5 cm (there is where the ants will live), with a cover of Acrylic too. The food is placed on the base (floor) of the own anthill, which we can decorate with extra sand and some little plant or stone. It contains: • 1 x fishbowl- basic 20x10x10cms • 1 x Acrylic cover • 1x 250g Sand/Clay mix for the sandwich. • 1×50 g of sand for decoration (color according to availability) • 1x 50g of stone granules as decoration for the forage box • 1 x feeder. 1 x water dispenser • 1 x plastic pipette • 1 x 10 g of protein syrup (food)
Real ant’s nest. Suitable for the breeding of ants.
Natural and ecological sand nest. See how they live and make tunnels.
Everything you need to get started in the world of ants. You won’t need anything else.
No ants are included.
1 x fishbowl- basic 20x10x10cms


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