Quarter Mile Cannons Urban Warrior – Potato Gun 2.0 Piezo


An 18″-barrel potato thrower

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Prepare for battle! The Urban Warrior Potato Cannon packs a powerful punch! It has twice the power of its predecessor, the City Slicker. This Quarter Mile Cannon is easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to store. Due to the Urban Warrior’s compact size, it has a thunderous discharge and shoots an 18″ flame out the end! If you use your tennis ball attachment with the Urban Warrior, you will likely never see your tennis ball again. The new Piezo Launching System makes the 2.0 Urban Warrior a much-needed upgrade that everyone loves!
New 2.0 Piezo Launching SystemAll New Color Design
Barrel Length: 18″ Diameter: 1.5″Chamber Length: 12″ Diameter: 3″Overall Dimensions: 31″ x 4″
Manufacturer provides excellent customer service and technical support at quartermilecannons.com
Use only aerosol hairspray. Refer to included brochure for instructions for maximum results.
Customer feedback & videos vary drastically based on whether assembly & firing instructions are followed precisely.

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