MotherFucker Rubbers: “Condoms For Rebels” – Black Lubricated Latex – FDA Approved – Size Medium – 6/12/24/36 Bulk Packs

A pack of condoms for Chads & Alpha males.

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We all know sex is fun. Yet condoms themselves often are not. And since they go hand in hand (and in other places) why not make them as fun and enjoyable as possible? MotherFucker Rubbers combine confidence, playfulness and safety all in one. They are simply a condom you’ll want to wear. How come you ask? Well, all women know that men who use condoms are real, responsible, men. And only an Alpha Male (aka bad ass Mother Fucker) would dare whip out a condom that says “MotherFucker” on it. This shows confidence to a woman. It also shows playfulness if you talk about it and make that part of putting on a condom fun. These two qualities have been proven over and over again to be what attract women the most. Show confidence – Have fun – And keep her and yourself safe. So go on, buy some today, so you’ll get some tomorrow. Hey, we’re not saying they’ll get you laid for sure… but we’re not saying they won’t either ;D

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