KFC Secret Recipes: KFC Style Chicken Recipes, Salads and Desserts


Do you love those tasty, boneless, crispy-skinned chicken thighs as much as Eric Cartman does? Here’s a recipe book that will make the perfect gift for all KFC lovers. Hail the Colonel!

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Do you ever crave for Kentucky Fried Chicken or good old Southern-Style Comfort Food? Discover the secret ingredients used to make the world’s favorite fried chicken recipes! 
* KFC Original Recipe Fried Chicken
* KFC Popcorn Chicken
* KFC Chicken Nuggets
* KFC Honey Barbecued Wings
* KFC Fiery Buffalo Wings
* KFC Hot Wings
* KFC Kentucky Grilled Chicken
* KFC Rotisserie Gold Chicken
* KFC Extra Crispy
* KFC Extra Crispy Strips
* KFC Twister
* KFC Zinger Burger (Snacker)
* KFC Crispy Potato Wedges
* KFC Cinnamon Apple Pie
* Kentucky Fried Chicken Old Time Southern Recipes
* And So Much More!

Learn about the creation of the famous recipes and the many secret herbs and spices.

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