Red Wigglers (89 Count) Live, Healthy Red Worms for Composting & Fishing Bait

A box a 89 Red Wiggler Worms.. and they’re alive! Order this for your ennemies, your ex-girlfriend or anyone you’d like to prank (Remember, you can send white elephant gifts anonymously!)

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We HARVEST the SAME DAY we ship. The worms are always fresh and healthy. We do not use chemicals or treat the worms in any way that would be harmful to the worms. As always our premium worms are 100% natural and organic and raised in a controlled environment. Plus we guarantee a full count of 89 worms. They are not weighed, but individually counted and carefully packaged. As always our premium Red Wigglers will be packaged for a safe and live delivery, however you need to be home to accept the package so they are not left in the heat or cold. If you are experiencing freezing or high heat, please let us know so that we can add heat or cold packs. Mailboxes get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter so it is the buyer’s responsibly to remove the worms from the mailbox immediately or they will either melt or freeze. We do our best to pack; we add an ice pack, but, we cannot guarantee live arrival when temperature is above 85 degrees.
89 live Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) worms, some small, some medium, and some large.
All sizes can be used for composting and some of the larger worms can be used for sport fishing as in trout, bluegill, perch or crappie.
You can also feed these worms to amphibians, tropical fish, exotic birds and small lizards.
BONUS! You Get A Free Sample Pack of “Crazy Stuff Worm Chow”. There is enough food in this packet to feed 89 red wigglers for a week.
We “Quick Ship” (we ship USPS Priority Post the day you order or the next postal day). Transit time is usually 2/3 postal days.

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