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The Funniest & Weirdest Donald Trump Merch & Items

As America elected its new president more than 1 year ago, entrepreneurs in the field of novelty and weird merchandise were already rubbing their hands with glee. Donald Trump’s haircut, orange-peel skin and catchphrases was sure to give them loads of ideas for funny Trump-themed gifts.

And here we are, more than one year later, with an uncountable bunch of weird t-shirts, customized toilet papers with the POTUS’s head and framed portraits of his wife Melania.

Here at worst-gifts.com, we work hard to give you the best ideas for the worst gifts ever. These Trump-themed gifts will be a perfect idea for your redneck and republican friends.

1. The Donald Trump Pen Holder

Guess where you have to insert your pen to hold it…

Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

This pen Holder and Paperweight will hold anything of the size of a pen inside the backdoor cavity of the President Of the United States, Mr Donald J. Trump. So realistic that he even wears his 'Make America Great Again' hat.

Price: 29.97$ 17.97$

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2. The Mr President Toilet Paper : Donald Trump’s face on your TP

A funny gag gift for everyone who really, really hates The Donald

Trump Toilet Paper

The best white elephant gift ever : a roll of toilet paper with POTUS' Donald Trump face on it.

Coming next, the toilet paper rolls with Trump's twits..

Price: 8.99$ 2.40$

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3. The most hype Donald Trump t-shirt ever

This T-shirt is lit. Donald Trump, a Bald Eagle, fireworks, a red white and blue flag… Unofficial Merchandise, of course

Donald Trump Tank Epic T-Shirt

Hand dyed shirt featuring a realistic, 3D graphic on a preshrunk, 100 percent cotton shirt hand dyed and printed by The Mountain
The Mountain uses only environmentally friendly inks and dyes to bring you a durable and comfortable t-shirt

Price: 15.61$

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4. Fair play – a t-shirt for Hillary Clinton haters

Haters gonna hate – suckers gonna suck

“Hillary Sucks, But Not Like Monica” T-Shirt

Bring Hillary supporters to their knees (not in that way!) with this Hilarious anti-Hillary Clinton t-shirt
Whether you're conservative or liberal, we can all agree that Hillary Clinton sucks!

Price: 18.99$

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5. From head to toe: the Donald Trump socks

Embrace the Donald from the tip of your toes with these customized sock

Donald Trump Crew Socks

Show your support for our 45th U.S. president with these funny socks
Proudly printed in the US of A!

Price: 12.95$ 11.82$

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6. MRS President: Bring Melania Trump to your home with this magnificent portrait

A true work-of-art. For 25$.

Melania Trump Poster

A perfect white elephant housewarming gift - don't forget to add a frame!

Price: 24.89$

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7. And finally, a gag gift for trump lovers : the Mexican Sombrero

The Texas-Mexico border is very sunny – you’re going to need a lot of hats in order to build a wall there!

Mexican Sombrero

It is said that this sombrero is perfect for keeping your face in the shade while doing activities such as wall-building in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Price: 14.99$

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