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Redneck Gifts – The Best Gifts for your Hillbilly Friends

Do you have some friends who are a bit too much into hunting, rifles and trucks? Who, even though he works from home, fears that someone will “take his job”?
Here is are some of the crappiest but funniest gifts ever for your Redneck and Hillbilly friends:

A perfect present for your hunting pals kids:

Fish Shape Pillows

A really large fish pillow - the best birthday gift for fishmongers and fly fishing addicts. And cheaper than an aquarium!


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Keeps the bugs out of ‘Merica with this salt gun gift:

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

Keep the buggers' out with this salt-powered shotgun.

Price: 50.00$ 39.95$

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The Best Redneck Calendar – a really cool prank for your friends

You Might Be A Redneck If… 2018 Calendar

Jokes such as You Might Be a Redneck If . . . you do the majority of your shopping in a convenience store, you wore a tank top to court, you've been ejected from bingo, or your favorite adult beverage includes Kool-Aid,??

Price: 49.96$

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Keep your beers at hands reach at all times with this practical beer gift

Camouflage Beer Holster Belt

Beer Belt - the most important hunting accessory after rifles


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The perfect poster to hang onto your cabin’s wall

Melania Trump Poster

A perfect white elephant housewarming gift - don't forget to add a frame!

Price: 24.89$

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And finally, a plunger that all hillbillies will love! Now, git!

Redneck Plunger

A plunger that looks like a shotgun. Perfect for your wannabe-redneck friends !


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