What is Worst-Gifts.com about
(hint: it’s in the name)


Worst Gifts: It’s the thought that counts!

What’s Worst-Gifts.com?

We’ve all received a crappy gift  at least once in our life, be it our beloved grandma’s handcrafted itchy sweatshirt (thanks, Grandma!), a clothes drying rack for your new flat (thanks, mom…) or a Mexican Sombrero from your aun’t trip to Cancun (Gracias, tio).
All these sh**ty gifts have common characteristics: they are useless, often bulky, kitsch, cheesy and tacky, like the White Elephant Gifts.
So yeah, the saying says “It’s the thought that count!” or “Be happy with what you have!”.
But seriously, no, when you’re 21 years old you can’t be happy getting a set of saucepans.
So this time, you are going to hit back. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say.
Worst-Gifts.com lets you find and buy the crappiest* gifts in the world.
*Ok, some presents may not be that bad. Some are even pretty cool. But life’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

What’s a crappy gift? How to successfully gift a white elephant gift?

We’ve asked a sample of Gift Scientists around the world what makes a bad gift. Here are some common features that these cheesy gifts share:
They’re :
  • Useless
  • Cumbersome, ugly and cheesy
  • Awkward to receive but entertaining to gift
  • Have no resell value (they generally only have a “sentimental value”)
  • … But most importantly, they can’t be declined!


To Whom, and on What occasion should you send a funny White Elephant gift?

Obviously, we think about Birthdays and Christmas for funny gifts. But it’s not very original. The worst gift you’ll ever get is the one you don’t expect!

And to whom should you send this prank gift? Well, there’s a wide range of choice: your immediate family (father, mother, brother or sister) and your friends will often be the most forgiving, while people you’re less acquainted with (like your boss & coworkers ) might be more than embarrassed. For the latter, you should rather send your gift anonymously through Amazon!

How do I buy and order these Worst Gifts?

All of our products are selected and sold in partnership with Amazon, because of it offers the largest range of great and no-so-great gifts and miscellaneous items.
And you’ll have access to all Amazon’s guarantees for shipping and refunds. The only guarantee you’ll get from us is that we do, in fact, sell the worst gifts of the internet!

How to properly wrap a (worst) gift ? How to send a gift anonymously? 

Through Amazon, you can add a gift wrapping easily and usually for free:
  1. Add a product to your basket
  2. Go to your basket
  3. Under the gift, check “this is a gift” (more details here)
  4. Add the recipient’s address
  5. For an anonymous send: by ticking the “This is a gift” option, your name will be hidden on the package. You can even leave an anonymous message on the wrapping paper.
    If you want to be extra-careful, you can follow this Reddit user guide:Here’s how I do amazon purchases anonymously for secret santa; I buy a gift card with the amount i need for the item and gift it to myself. I buy the item as a gift but use the gift card as your payment method. I make sure the person’s name and address is what is in both the billing and sending address.Since it’s a gift card it doesn’t matter whose address is in the billing section. After placing the order I double check the receipt to make sure the billing/shipping address info is correct. Sometimes amazon can screw up and it defaults to your default/normal billing address regardless of what you chose. That’s why i check and fix it as soon as the the order is made.I guess you could even use another account that doesn’t have any of your info on it. You would just use the account for gift card purchases/ anonymous gifts. That way there really is no risk whatsoever. 🙂

What to do if the recipient retaliates?

You’ll need to find him an ever cheesier white elephant gift!